Executive producer and host Cinik is no stranger to cynical humor, in fact, he’s quite proud of it. With his quick wit, insightful nature, and expansive knowledge of all things geek, Joe brings to life the heart of all that is music, horror, and superhero. Always ahead of the curve, he has the “inner track” on what's new and exciting in the pop culture world. His thought provoking questions will have you answering questions along with the show.



Host, and longtime friend, Igrihe is a self-proclaimed and deeply obsessed Star Wars fan and science fiction lover. Giving fans his raw and honest opinion, and sometimes full conversations in movie quotes, “Ig” takes a deeper approach to topics with his grounded perspective and all around fun-loving, relaxed views. Working in the field of programming and game design, he continuously makes any topic fun and entertaining, by ensuring all are “having a good time”.



Host and all around cool cat, Ryan is a deeply devoted film and television fanatic whose understanding of the artform runs deep. Never afraid to speak his mind, Ryan tells it like it is with his smooth, laid-back, and friendly guy next door charm. A trainer and health/fitness expert by trade, Ryan serves to strengthen any topic with his well thought out and insightful views. Guests and fans alike have come to appreciate his fresh ideas so much so, that they often find themselves “agreeing with Ryan”.



Kim is a self taught artist, with certifications in Art Therapy as well as Autism Awareness. She also holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from UNF. Her goal is to one day open a school for children on the spectrum (autistic) and aid them with learning to express themselves effectively through art therapy. Presently, Kim holds an endorsement from Arteza Art Supplies and is in collaboration with Monsa Publishing (Barcelona, Spain).

She is highly active creator & influencer on Instagram and offers exciting promotional give-aways & engagements for her followers. Her artwork has been featured on countless websites and blogs ranging from IGERS Jax, Rabbit in Red, Buzzfeed, and Upworthy.

When she’s not sketching she swan dives into the comic book world and is a self proclaimed Marvel Master! Obsessions include collecting Funko Pops, and collecting “silver era” comics.

Her specialties include graphite/carbon sketches & watercolor. Sometimes she will incorporate mixing mediums such as markers, pens/ink, or colored pencils. Whatever is needed to get the desired effect to bring a sketch to life.

Follow Kim on:
Instagram: kmcArtworks
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Tumblr: kmcartworks83
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Interwebs: www.kmcArtworks.com